A Perky Parrot from the Popol Vuh Pops In.

Hi, I’m a parrot.

Cute scarlet macaw

I’m actually a person who is writing blog fiction based on the Mayan epic, the Popol Vuh, & occasionally making a nuisance of myself on sites related to the 2012 apocalypse phenomenon.

My proactively pre-post-apocalyptic parrot project is Seven Macaw: A Mythic Narrative in Prose and Verse. Basically, my plan is to rewrite the story & give it a different ending. Why not? There are worse things one can do with the end of this year.

This is my first WordPress blog. After creating a Gravatar account using the infamous Blom Plate picture of Seven Macaw as my personal spirit-animal avatar (or way (pronounced like “why”), as the ancient Maya would call it), I couldn’t resist the temptation to build a virtual Nance Tree on which to perch my cyberparrot identity. We Wooden People are terrible at resisting temptation, you see. So here it is.

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