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About Seven Macaw

I was just sitting in my tree, minding my own business, when these two guys with blowguns came along...

Izapa Stela 25 Has Been Decoded.

As the end of December, 2012 approaches, I’ve just deciphered the Izapa Stela 25. Here’s what it says:


Seven Macaw and Toucan Sam are sitting together in the forest.

Toucan Sam: Enough of this “follow your nose” business. I want some food already.

Seven Macaw: Look, I just ripped off the arm of a guy called Hunahpu. Want a bite?

Toucan Sam: Gee, thanks! I think I like being an omnivore. Wait — I see a jaguar and a tiger.

Seven Macaw: Uh oh, here come Xbalanque and Tony….

A Perky Parrot from the Popol Vuh Pops In.

Hi, I’m a parrot.

Cute scarlet macaw

I’m actually a person who is writing blog fiction based on the Mayan epic, the Popol Vuh, & occasionally making a nuisance of myself on sites related to the 2012 apocalypse phenomenon.

My proactively pre-post-apocalyptic parrot project is Seven Macaw: A Mythic Narrative in Prose and Verse. Basically, my plan is to rewrite the story & give it a different ending. Why not? There are worse things one can do with the end of this year.

This is my first WordPress blog. After creating a Gravatar account using the infamous Blom Plate picture of Seven Macaw as my personal spirit-animal avatar (or way (pronounced like “why”), as the ancient Maya would call it), I couldn’t resist the temptation to build a virtual Nance Tree on which to perch my cyberparrot identity. We Wooden People are terrible at resisting temptation, you see. So here it is.